It's Time to Throw Out That Old Bathroom Scale

It's Time to Throw Out That Old Bathroom Scale

Salter Housewares began life in late 1760 in the village of Bilston, England. At this time Richard Salter, a spring maker, began making 'pocket steelyards', a scale similar to the fisherman's scale of today. For many years the UK'S No.1 brand for domestic weighing scales, Salter Housewares Ltd has now become the leading brand in many other countries.

Salter offers an extensive range of products within the kitchen and bathroom industry and prizes themselves on bringing innovative and exciting ideas to market. Passionate about high quality products that are reliable and practical, Salter uses their expert knowledge to perfect vintage designs and introduce new housewares technology.

Stylish and extra smart, sleek and shiny. It’s not often that you find everything you need in one tidy package. Salter Mibody scales are part of a range of connected devices to make weight and health management easier.

Above: Salter MiBody Analyser Bluetooth Scale

More Than Just Weight, Salter MiBody Scales allow you to measure your:

  • Weight plus body fat
  • Body water
  • Muscle mass
  • Bone mass
  • BMI and BMR

As well as monitoring your full health and fitness. Your measurements are sent wireless to your mobile device and can be viewed using the MiBody App, which helps you chart your progress over time and sees the effects of your lifestyle changes. And with a four-user memory you can look out for the health of your whole family.

Track your fitness journey with ease by connecting your mobile device to these innovative bathroom scales. Simply sync your phone or tablet with these analyser scales via Bluetooth.

Trends can be tracked over time and the measurements explained with healthy / recommended ranges. The results are stored on your personal mobile device only and are private unless you choose to share your achievements.

You can shop our whole Salter range here.

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