Tech21 Classic Mesh Samsung Note 4 Cover (Smokey)


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Product Description

Our Classic Shell Samsung Galaxy Note 4 case is crafted with a premium TPU formula renowned for its brilliant flexibility and abrasive resistance. It’s integrated with scientifically proven ® impact material whose molecules lock together on impact, absorbing and dissipating force away from your device, meaning that when your Note 4 experiences inevitable everyday bumps and knocks, you can relax knowing that you’re covered by advanced impact protection.

Impactology Case: Intelligent Impact Protection
Impactology is the promise that all our products always deliver the most intelligent impact protection. We can make this promise due to a combination of scientifically proven materials and ingenious structural designs that are infused in to the creation of every one of our remarkable products. This protective Galaxy Note 4 case is no exception.

Slim and Minimalistic Protective Shell
Not only is our clear Galaxy Note 4 case built with intelligence, it’s incredibly slim-fitting, refraining from concealing the original beauty of your device whilst surrounding it with intelligent impact protection, so you can still appreciate your device for the reasons it first caught your eye.

Original Interior Mesh Pattern
Classic Mesh case for Note 4 features an innovative Mesh design on the interior of its smooth outer shell, providing advanced impact protection in a unique design which suits you and your device.

Tailored to Fit Your Galaxy Note 4
Our specifically designed protective Galaxy Note 4 case is easy to apply in seconds, and with access to all buttons and controls, you can enjoy its features without needing to remove it from the case.

BRAND: Tech21

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