Samsung Flip Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Cover (Green)


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Product Description

Now you can have the same high-quality look and feel that many of Samsung’s top devices offer, thanks to the Galaxy S5 mini Flip Cover’s leather-effect finish. Get the look you want in a cover that’s built to last and guaranteed to fit your handset. The Galaxy S5 mini Flip Cover protects your handset but also lets you keep it looking as slim as possible. That’s because this stylish, high-quality accessory simply replaces the S5 Mini’s back cover.

The Galaxy S5 mini Flip Cover turns the screen on or off automatically when you open or close the cover. The cover’s edges and corners are designed to extend beyond the edge of your Galaxy S5 mini, so it provides that extra protection you sometimes need. Make sure your Galaxy S5 mini keeps its built-in IP67 water resistance by using a genuine Samsung cover that’s perfectly designed for your device.

With the Galaxy S5 mini Flip Cover closed, you can relax in the knowledge that the screen is safely protected from everyday knocks and scratches.

BRAND: Samsung

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