Salter Target Kitchen Scale (Black)

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R 499

Product Description
  • Innovative target set to weigh feature - simply turn the dial to set your target weight, then start weighing. When you reach your target weight, the display goes green, if you exceed it, the display goes red
  • Voice option - optional speaking feature developed to aid usability
  • Add & Weigh for measuring multiple ingredients in the same bowl
  • Aquatronic for measuring liquids
  • Includes 3 x AA batteries


Featuring the innovative Target Set to Weight function, this Salter electronic scale turns weighing on its head. Instead of the usual method of adding ingredients and watching the digital display until you reach your desired weight, you set the target weight first by simply turning the dial.

Start adding your ingredients – weighing them all together is fine thanks to the Add & Weigh feature. When you reach your target weight, the display turns green. Exceed it, and it alerts you by going red. This exciting Salter kitchen scale gets even more cutting edge with an optional voice control function to make cooking and baking easier than ever

BRAND: Salter
1088 BKDR