Salter Geo Digital Kitchen Scale (Stainless Steel)

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Innovative thinking for the kitchen

The Geo Scales feature touch sensitive buttons that are not only quick and easy to use, but also make the electronic scales simple to keep clean. The unit doesn't have any physical buttons on the surface, only a sleek, hygienic platform that you can easily wipe spotless - no more tackling the trapped grease and grime around standard kitchen scale buttons. Simply place your finger on the touch icons to change the units and reset the scales without leaving a mark. Featuring fingerprint-proof stainless steel, these Salter scales will not easily pick up grubby smears and maintain their elegant, simple appearance. Designed with an ‘easy to read’ backlit display, you can quickly read measurements and get cooking!

Add some more

Use the ‘Add & Weigh’ function to weigh multiple ingredients in the same bowl, allowing you to subtract the weight of the bowl and only measure the new ingredient added. Simply press “zero” to reset the scales and add your next ingredient. Make cooking easy by reducing the washing-up and saving time! Too often baking creates a messy, cluttered kitchen; the Geo Digital Kitchen Scales eliminate the need for multiple cooking bowls and get your cake in the oven much quicker. Teamed with the Aquatronic function, this reliable, sleek platform really speeds things up.

Supersonic, Aquatronic

If you are in the market for an aquatronic kitchen scale, look no further. Ultimately precise, the Aquatronic feature has the ability to measure liquids without the need for a measuring jug. Simply choose your preferred unit of measurement (ml or fl. oz) and add the ingredient to the bowl. Suitable for all water-based liquids (including wine, milk, stock, cream etc), there are no excuses for not trying out that new ice cream recipe!

Upgrade your kitchen scales and experience outstanding accuracy from a stylish device that will revolutionise your cooking experience at the touch of a button.

Features touch sensitive platform buttons for quicker, easier use
Designed with an ‘easy to read’ animated backlit display
Work with a fingerprint-proof surface to help prevent marks
Weigh items on a brushed stainless steel platform for quick and hygienic cleaning
Use the 'Add & Weigh' function to measure multiple ingredients in the same bowl/pan
Utilise the Aquatronic function to measure liquids (ml or fl oz)
Switch between metric and imperial measurements to suit your recipe
Guaranteed for up to 15 years

BRAND: Salter
1240 SSDR

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