Salter Cook Pro Bluetooth Kitchen Thermometer (White)

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A must-have gadget for those culinary superstars, our Salter Cook Thermometer is the real deal. Connecting to Bluetooth for easy access, you can monitor temperature on your smartphone or tablet to make sure you get your dish just right.

Connect to the appBluetooth Thermometer

Sync the thermometer to the Salter Cook app to start monitoring temperature interactively! Simply select the temperature within the recipe and the thermometer will automatically set it as a target. You can then leave the thermometer and monitor the temperature through the app wherever you are.

Use the in-app library of pre-set temperatures for meat, confectionery, jam and more!

Two probes

The thermometer comes with two probes, one to measure oven temperature and one to measure food temperature. Whilst connected to the app, you can label the probes (e.g., ‘Oven’ and ‘Chicken’) and use them separately or together.

Both probes are designed with a heat-proof cable so you can shut the wire in your oven. As long as you leave the device itself outside, you’re good to go! App thermometer reading

The thermometer is ideal for checking the temperatures of meat, confectionary, BBQ, jam and more.

Keep it handy

The magnetic back lets you position the thermometer on the side of the oven or other magnetic surfaces to keep it safe and easy to access.

Designed with sleek curved sides and a Bluetooth light, this nifty device is small and stylish. If you are looking to get perfect bakes and roasts, the Bluetooth Thermometer is for you.

Connects to Salter Cook app using Bluetooth to follow recipes and measure temperature
1°C/1°F graduations
Temperature range: -20°C to 250°C
Compact design with two probes for oven and food temperatures
ABS body and stainless steel probe
Ideal for checking meat, confectionery, BBQ and more

BRAND: Salter
593 WHCR

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