Salter Anti Slip Electronic Bathroom Scale (White)

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Product Description

Say goodbye to dangerous bathroom slips with the Salter Anti-Slip Scale. Designed with a dual, co-moulded surface, the textured rubber grips to the bottom of your feet so you can use it straight out of the shower!

Too often you hear of trips and falls due to wet flooring within the bathroom environment, but this hazard can easily be avoided. Similar to a slip resistant bath mat, the Anti-slip scale is designed with small rubber discs that sit neatly on the platform surface. This creates a comfy cushioned surface and the contrasting materials provide the sturdy grip needed for wet feet.

The perfect addition to a safe bathroom, this scale is also equipped with our step-on feature, introducing a fast and easy way to measure your weight. You can position the scale wherever you like, and then simply step on them for a weight reading. It couldn’t be easier! However, due to the nature of the step-on mechanism, you will need to initialise the scale every time you move its position (don’t worry, it’s very easy to do).

This scale also features a high capacity of 200kg/31st 8lb – so it’s perfect for a range of users. The large LCD is easy-to-read and displays weight in your choice of units (kg, st, lb) so you get a quick and accurate reading. The clear white and blue colours make the scale stand out, so they’re easy to spot.

This platform comes with carpet feet so you can get accurate weight readings on carpet or uneven floor and batteries are included so you can get started straight away!

This bathroom scale features an anti-slip surface designed with textured rubber
Large platform with generous room and max capacity of 200kg/31st 8lb.
The large easy-to-read LCD makes reading your weight measurements straightforward
Simply step on the scale for an instant weight reading
Optional carpet feet for use on carpet and uneven floors
Batteries included; Guaranteed for 15 years

BRAND: Salter
9096 BL3R

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