Incipio NGP Advanced Case Samsung Galaxy S8 Cover (Navy)


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R 199

Product Description

The NGP® [Advanced] case for the Galaxy S8 is five full feet of drop protection with added grip for enhanced performance. While its defence is no joke, it maintains a low profile that easily slides in and out of pockets for a user tested and approved experience day in and day out. You can thank us later.

A textured bumper and back work to reduce slips or slides off the table or out of your hands. The slightly raised bumper provides a buffer between crystal clear definition and the harsh reality of a fractured screen. Specially designed with a honeycombed, shock-absorbing interior to withstand the rigors of everyday life.

  • 5ft. drop test certified
  • Flexible polymer composition repels dents
  • Honeycomb interior expertly diffuses impact

Length 153.42 mm
Width 73.66 mm
Weight 1.12 oz
Depth 11.43 mm

BRAND: Incipio