Capdase Soft Jacket Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Cover (Black)


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R 99

Product Description

When you have something as dynamic and big as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in your hand, you don't want to complicate it with an overpowering jacket or cover. This sturdy Smartphone needs a complimenting soft jacket that can offer maximum protection against scratches and knick. Capdase Soft Jacket Xpose Case is ultra slim and very soft to touch! It not only protects the back of your phone, but also covers the bezel with a clever transparent touch. The rubber case is ideal for places where humidity is high or where monsoons play havoc. Basically you a get a 'feel' of your phone in spite of it being covered!

The case snugly fits the mobile, covering the essentials while giving access to all vital functions of the device i.e. Camera, Earphone jack, Volume up/down, charging port etc.

  • Soft, back protective case
  • Ultra slim & custom-fit with open face design for easy operation
  • Made of durable & flexible material, smooth to touch & scratch resistant

BRAND: Capdase