3SIXT Virtual Reality Headset


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R 99

Product Description

Turn your compatible device (4.7-6” Smartphone running iOS, Android or Windows) into a Virtual Reality viewer and experience the immersive, fun and exciting world of VR. Fly or swim through breathtaking scenery, play 3D games, ride roller coasters, travel through interactive worlds or become a character in your own film.

With comfort in mind, the VR Headset adjusts to your requirements – just dial the Focal Distance (FD) and Pupil Distance (PD) between 55mm—75mm for your perfect fit and the adjustable, soft and durable straps won’t leave your head or neck feeling sore.

The magnetic cover is also removable to allow your Smartphone to ventilate as your videos and games heat up! Continue to use while charging your smartphone and comfortably use your earphones through the ventilation holes.

Viewer for 3D & 360° content | High Definition aspheric optical lenses | Lightweight & adjustable head strap | Customisable focal distances