2-Power USB 3.0 to DVI Adapter


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R 1,009

Product Description

2-POWER’s USB 3.0 to DVI Adapter enables you to connect up to 6 additional displays to your computer without having to install extra video cards using hot-plug USB 3.0 ports. With support for Mirrored or Extended desktops and video streaming, this adapter uses very little resources ensuring high quality display without compromising computer performance. The hot-plug feature allows you to unplug the adapter without needing to reboot the operating system.

Hot-plug USB 3.0 compatible
DVI-I display (up to 2048 x 1152)
Video streaming (up to 1080p
Extended or Mirror display modes
Resumes from hibernation and suspend modes
Use up to 6 adapters together
System Requirements
OS Compatibility: Windows® XP, Vista, 7 & 8

Special Notes:
This adapter does not support Windows® XP 64-bit. Interlaced modes and reduced blanking modes are not supported.

BRAND: 2-Power