Superfly Mini DC UPS for Wi-Fi Routers


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Suitable for Wi-Fi Routers | Perfect for Loadshedding

Superfly accessories are designed to be functional and to improve user experience. Our products will make your life that little bit easier and help you get the most out of your devices. Superfly is made to inspire and simplify the everyday life of our customers. With every product the result of our innovative passion for simplicity.

• Built-in Lithium Battery
• Microprocessor controlled guarantee’s high reliability
• Auto start when plugged in
• Manual Power off switch
• Overload & short circuit protection
• Over charge and over discharge protection
• User’s friendly multi-LED status indicators
• Allows to set output voltage – 9/12VDC via switch
• 5VDC USB Charger
• Application: router, Modem, Wireless phone, CCTV

Rated working voltage – 100-240VAC/50-60Hz
Output Power (Max) – 17W
Output – USB Interface / DC Interface / POE Interface
Output voltage (Selectable) – USB – 5Vdc / DC interface – 9Vdc/12Vdc / 15Vdc/24Vdc
Output Polarity – POE - +4,5pins – 7,8pins
Output power and current (in common) – USB – 1.0A/5W / DC – 1.0A/12W / POE 0.6A / (15V 10W) or (24V 15W)
QTY & Capacity of battery – 2500 x 4 Lithium Battery

What’s in the box
1 x Superfly Mini UPS
1 x Power Cable

BRAND: Superfly

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