House of Marley gives back to Mother Earth

House of Marley gives back to Mother Earth

House of Marley believes in the importance of trees and the benefits they provide to our Mother Earth. When you purchase a House of Marley product, you help plant one tree. Our charitable initiative supports global reforestry through A percentage of our sales is donated to this cause.

Everyday we’re looking into new projects for companies that want to make an impact. Just as an individual, as a carbon foot print, a company can quantity what their carbon footprint is. There’s a lot of thought in terms of what House of Marley uses to make their products. Recycled materials, materials that are just better for the environment rather than virgin materials. With One Tree Planted we’re trying to connect with those type of products that do care about the environment or corporate social responsibility in giving back.

Now, why is this important? Why should we value this initiative? Simply because the planet is our home.

Here are 6 reasons why we should support reforestry.

  1. Clean air – Trees clean the air we breathe.
  1. Water filtration – Trees help filter the water we drink.
  1. Bio-diversity – Trees provide habitat to over 80% of the Earth’s living species.
  1. Climate – Trees help regulate our climate and sequester 20% of the carbon from our atmosphere.
  1. Social impact – Trees help provide jobs to over 1.6 billion people on this planet.
  1. Health & Wellness – Trees are essential contributors to our mental and physical well-being. One out of four medicines are derived from trees and other plant life.


 “At House of Marley, we are bringing sustainability to the audio world. We take the time to research and find materials that are durable and can last a lifetime,” states House of Marley brand ambassador, Rohan Marley. “When you talk about the responsibility of man, how do you protect the earth? How do give back to something that you have taken so much from? As our brand grows globally, by teaming up with One Tree Planted we are acknowledging the need to give back to our Mother Earth what we take from it.” 

So what we want to do with great brands such as House of Marley is not even show just the fact that they stepped up to the plate and planted 25,000 trees, but now can lead people into saying I want to get involved. Being associated with House of Marley is a great win win situation and it just helps with the visibility of this particular cause.

About One Tree Planted:

One Tree Planted is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity based in Shelburne, Vermont, that helps with global reforestation efforts. They work with reforestation partners around the world to help plant trees in North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa. For every dollar donated, one tree is planted.

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