Our Favorite Samsung Note 8 Features… and our Favorite Cases.

Our Favorite Samsung Note 8 Features… and our Favorite Cases.

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably heard the Samsung Note 8 has been announced; if you haven’t read our recap here. Now that everyone has seen the impressive addition to the Note Family, it’s time to talk about our favorite features of the phone + our favorite cases to protect it.

Dual Camera deserves a Dual Layer Case.

There’s no denying the dual camera on the Samsung Note 8 is a thing of a beauty. With two 12-megapixel cameras and both sensors offering optical image stabilization, it’s the most advanced smartphone camera on the market right now. If you’re going to have a dual camera, you should have a dual layer case. Our fan favorite DualPro case, which has two protective layers to defend against wear and tear, seems like the case for the job.

Be a Show Off.

Samsung always delivers when it comes to making a beautiful phone and the Note 8 is no exception. Whether you get a black, gray, gold or blue device, you can’t go wrong. Where you could go wrong is not getting the right case to show off that color. Our Beaded Floral case will protect against unwanted scuffs and scratches while showing off your phone due to its clear back.

Big Phone.. Bigger Protection.

Did you know the Samsung Note 8 has a bigger display than any other smartphone? To protect it in all of its glory, we think our Reprieve [SPORT] 2.0 case is the clear winner. Not only do the shock absorbing corners provide military grade protection, the raised bezels protect the screen from any drops and dents.

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